Friday, August 13, 2010

Whoa! Check out these freaking awesome shoes I just made!

I just bought a shoe pattern online and made some sweet shoes! The black pair is the "pre" or first pair and the second green ones are the actual shoes made out of canvas and burlap with a vinyl sole! Love them, I don't know if I enjoyed them enough to sell them though. Maybe if the kids shoes are easier to make I'll sell them in a little store in the old city or market square! That would be pretty sweet!
I've wore them to work for two days and I've had no problems yet, yay!

Also on a side note the bus fund is going pretty awesome! I'm still searching for the right bus and I've found a few in surrounding cities, but they just haven't been the right bus for me :P I'm still holding out for the perfect "Jessi" bus! Ha ha I may be waiting a long time.

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