Wednesday, July 28, 2010

new blanket and some pyrex references!

I have decided to get Brooklynn a twin bed for her birthday that is coming up in a few weeks. I found an old bed on craigslist and it was only $5! It's real wood, but it was soooo ugly, with orangy brown paint and blue brush strokes all over it, like someone had tried to paint it with very little paint. So I sanded it and repainted it a baby pink, and it is oh so cute a chic! Then I bought some vintage bed rails and painted them a sage green, so now all we need is the mattress! I also decided to make her a retro looking quilt with some owls on it. She's gonna love it! just look at the pics ;P

For the pyrex references: In Jay-z's song forever young there is a verse that says forever my name will be remembered and passed down from generations like pyrex pots! How flipping awesome is that!!! Hahaha. The second one is in the movie adventureland, at the very end when the two are in the apartment, when Kristen Stewart opens the cabinet there is a pink gooseberry mixing bowl in the cabinet!!! That is so super cool!!! Love it!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

what Jackson did once upon a time!

A few months ago my husband had to watch our children all day by himself. Jackson was 3 and Brooklynn was still a baby. While I was at work Jackson decided it would be awesome if he could show his daddy that he could make a cup of milk all by his self! While Mike was watching Brooklynn, Jackson snuck off into the kitchen and opened the fridge and then grabbed a cup. Then he proceeded to open the milk and pour it into the cup as well as my entire kitchen! At this point Mike still has no idea whats going on and he is very confused when Jackson runs into the living room and says,"Ummm, Daddy just stay right here, don't go into the kitchen OK." So my husband starts to get up and Jackson is screaming and waving his hand," NOOOO daddy NOOOOO don't go!"
Mike said Jackson just went to the couch and laid down bc he known he was going to be in timeout. Mike proceeds to clean up the milyway and calls me and tells me whats going on. The next day as I'm getting cereal ready for breakfast, I pour Jackson and Brooklynns bowls then I get mine ready and start to pour the milk when all of the sudden it stops flowing. But the jug still feels heavy? Weird. So I look in the jug and to my amazement I find a bunch of paper towels! Paper towels you may ask? Well before Jackson ran to my husband he thought he could clean the mess up by himself, but after he used all of the towels up he didn't know where to put them so he stuffed them back down into the jug so we wouldn't find them and he wouldn't have to go to timeout! So funny, I wish I could have the imagination of a kid again!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

some more pyrex thrift store finds.

Today at the thrift store I found some fantastic Pyrex pink flamingo colored plates and saucers, but at $5 a plate I had to pass them up. Maybe someday I will be like my great Pyrex inspiration Julia, she found an entire box of these plates at a church sale and paid $5 for the whole box! Now that's a steal, when I come across that special box just for me, I will let you know ;p I did however find the two clear 10oz Pyrex bowls I talked about in an earlier post, so it was a great day indeed! Yesterday I found a set of 8 Pyrex mugs with the woodland print on them for only $3. I can't wait to clean them up and display them in my kitchen. I am off on Monday and I will be recieving some other Pyrex items and I will show them to you as soon as I get them cleaned up! So be looking for my new post :)