Wednesday, July 28, 2010

new blanket and some pyrex references!

I have decided to get Brooklynn a twin bed for her birthday that is coming up in a few weeks. I found an old bed on craigslist and it was only $5! It's real wood, but it was soooo ugly, with orangy brown paint and blue brush strokes all over it, like someone had tried to paint it with very little paint. So I sanded it and repainted it a baby pink, and it is oh so cute a chic! Then I bought some vintage bed rails and painted them a sage green, so now all we need is the mattress! I also decided to make her a retro looking quilt with some owls on it. She's gonna love it! just look at the pics ;P

For the pyrex references: In Jay-z's song forever young there is a verse that says forever my name will be remembered and passed down from generations like pyrex pots! How flipping awesome is that!!! Hahaha. The second one is in the movie adventureland, at the very end when the two are in the apartment, when Kristen Stewart opens the cabinet there is a pink gooseberry mixing bowl in the cabinet!!! That is so super cool!!! Love it!

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