Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My kids in Market Square Fountains!

Just a quick pic of the kiddies in Market Square! We love it here and you can so tell!

Crazy few weeks!

This has been a few crazy weeks! My little girl turned 2 and we went down to Market Square and had lunch and then we let the kids run around in the fountains! It was so much fun, and there was a farmers market so we got to do some shopping as well. I happen to have a favorite restaurant in town, it's called Tomato Head! I don't know if you've heard of it but it is soooo awesome, they use local foods and alot of organic and vegan foods. If you go you've got to try the "oh boy sandwich" oor their tuna sandwich they are both really sweet!

I wonder if any of you have a hidden talent? You do? Well share it with me and I'll share mine! It's finding four leaf clovers! You probably think that's lame but let me tell you! I can find a four leaf clover in any clover patch! It's true! I found 6 in about 2 mins, seriously! It kinda freaks my husband out a little, but I keep thinking that we will win the lottery one day! Hahaha it may not be a super power but it's pretty cool in my book :)

And on a last note, some of you know that I am an esthetician and I work in a spa in Pigeon Foreg and I love it! Now I will be going to school for cosmetology in the next few weeks, I will be attending tennessee School of Beauty, any of you go there? I will keep posted all of the hairstyles and cuts that I will be accompishing! Keep up with the blog bc I will be running specials as soon as I get out there in the world of hair care in Knoxville, TN!

Peace and Love <3 Jessi

Friday, August 13, 2010

My Brooklynn will be 2 tomorrow!

Here is a picture of my little girl wearing her favorite accessory, the tutu! Tomorrow will be her birthday OMgosh crazy stuff! And what a sad day for me! My sweet baby girl will be 2 yrs old tomorrow, time flies by and I have decided to go part time at work .I'm so super excited about it. I can't wait to sleep in with my little lovies! Well, I got her some of the cutest stuff for her birthday this year, she's really girly so I got her a little pink back sack, that sinches at the top, and it has her name embroidered across the top of it in lime green which is so cute! Then I got her a lunch tote that's kinda retro looking of course ;) and she got some of the prettiest dresses, and of course some toy story stuff thrown in there.

Whoa! Check out these freaking awesome shoes I just made!

I just bought a shoe pattern online and made some sweet shoes! The black pair is the "pre" or first pair and the second green ones are the actual shoes made out of canvas and burlap with a vinyl sole! Love them, I don't know if I enjoyed them enough to sell them though. Maybe if the kids shoes are easier to make I'll sell them in a little store in the old city or market square! That would be pretty sweet!
I've wore them to work for two days and I've had no problems yet, yay!

Also on a side note the bus fund is going pretty awesome! I'm still searching for the right bus and I've found a few in surrounding cities, but they just haven't been the right bus for me :P I'm still holding out for the perfect "Jessi" bus! Ha ha I may be waiting a long time.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The search is on for a VW bus!

So I would love to fulfill my dreams of owning a vw bus, be it camper or not at this point, and I am starting to save up for said bus and I'm going to take you guys along with me! I hope it's a fun ride, I looked at a bus this week, but it just needed to much done to it even though it was running and the motor was perfect, but needed some body work done to it, and I just don't have that amount of time, with the 2 kids and I am currently working 5 days a week still. Sooo, with that said I will be looking on thesamba.com and on craigslist, which is where I found this weeks bus :) Also if any of you know where a perfect bus is that someone would like to give me a deal on just throw me a wink will ya ;) Haha!