Monday, June 28, 2010


So I bought some daisies for myself the other day, and when Jackson saw them he asked me if we were getting married. I said "I don't know are we?" Then he said,"yes and we will have a big party in the back yard and everyone will be invited. We will have balloons and cake too!" He was so super excited, and it makes me sad to think that he will be 4 yrs old tomorrow. So Happy Birthday Jackson! My little man is growing up!

On a seperate note my little girl is starting to drink out of a "big" cup! This is so exciting I'm pretty much over the whole sippy cup thing! wow to think of how many sippy cups we've gone through in the past 4yrs is crazy :)

And on the last note, I went to a little shop in town called Living Vintage on saturday. I found some really cool stuff, like the table pictured, and my husband works for 7up and I found this really old 7up can turned into a lamp (which may be a future present)! My boss called me and told me I could take the whole day off so I did a little shopping and found a really old wooden magazine rack at a yard sale. It had $4 on it but I only had $3 in cash, so I asked if she would take that and she said she would. I will take some pictures of it at a later time and show you how it looks all cleaned up and super spiffy! Hope you all have a fantastic night ;)

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