Monday, June 21, 2010

my first...

Yay my first blog...finally :) I have been wanting to create a blog for sometime now, so this is really exciting for me! First off let me tell you about my kids, Jackson is my first, he will be 4 yrs old June 29th. And he has got to be the funniest kid I have ever met! I'm not saying that b/c he's mine, ask any of my friends! He's so curious about the world and he doesn't stop talking, or moving for that matter! Then I have Brooklynn, she will be 2 on Aug. 14th. She is the prettiest little thing, and oh sooo girly, I love it! She's going to be a huge talker also ;) I have this huge love for all things vintage, i have a pretty cool pyrex collection and some old vintage kitchen chairs, my husband got me a really cool light that hangs above my stove. It goes fantastic with my cat clock (you know the ones with moving eyes and tail?) Well I'm sure I will have plenty of time to show you guys everything! I'll be back later :) Peace

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