Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Oh Beauty School!

Oh cosmetology school is so close! With two weeks until the start date of my classes, I am completely unprepared! My loan papers have yet to be mailed to me, the school won't accept my application until my loan goes through, etc.etc.etc... I am although in high spirits that everything will work out! I can't wait to let the creative side out of me! Like a wild thunderstorm I will be running through that campus with blurs of blue and pink colors flying everywhere! I can't wait for the day to add cosmetology license to my already existing aesthetics license! I love working in a spa, but there's only so much organic one person can handle! Hahaha! I can't wait to alternate between being quite and relaxing to being a wild hair fixing maniac!

On an alternate note the kiddies and myself along with my bestie Julia and her kids will be headed down to Fort kid tomorrow evening for a picnic dinner! I can't wait to show you guys some pictures. If you're not from here then you can't comprehend how fantabulous Fort kid is! A bunch of volunteers got together and built a huge fort out of wood, it's so big and there are hidden passages and little places to hind, it is a childhood wonderland! See you guys tomorrow!

Peace Jessi

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  1. cant wait for you to do my hair! its in dyer need!